Spanish Families

  • Living with a Spanish family ensures that the student practices Spanish everyday helping to improve vocabulary and pronunciation as well as learning the different elements of family life in a foreign country.
  • It is considered one of the best accommodation options because it gives the student the opportunity to get to know Spanish culture, cuisine, customs and way of life.
  • Every family has been carefully chosen so that we can guarantee cordial treatment, a friendly family atmosphere and good quality food & hygiene in the house.
  • Our families have great experience in hosting foreign students and they enjoy their company throughout the year.
  • You will live close to the school, so you will not need to use any means of transport to go to and from your classes each day.
  • If, in the first 2 days, a student does not feel comfortable with a family for any reason, the Colegio will arrange accommodation with another family free of charge.

There are 4 possible types of accommodation with Spanish families

  1. Individual room with full board. (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  2. Individual room with half board. (breakfast + lunch or dinner)
  3. Double room with full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  4. Double room with half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner)

Students should bring their own towels. Washing and ironing of clothes is not included (see prices page).

If the course you are entering is for a long period of time we offer the possibility of taking mixed accommodation.

This consists of the first month with a family and the rest of your stay in university residence or in a student apartment (minimum of two weeks in both accommodations).