Student Apartments

Students who wish to take this type of accommodation must pay a deposit, which will be reimbursed after the completion of their visit.

  • Situated in the city centre (a maximum of 15 minutes on foot from the college).
  • Students share kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • They comprise double and single rooms, bathrooms, central heating and hot water.
  • Equipped with all the necessary furniture for a comfortable and pleasant stay.
  • All bedrooms are equipped with bed, wardrobe, shelves, desk with chair, etc.
  • The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary utensils such as frying pans, pots, plates, glasses, etc.
  • All flats have TV, washing machines and fridges.

  • In the lounge there is usually a large table for meals.
  • Students will have to cook for themselves.
  • Towels and sheets are not provided, students should bring their own.
  • The costs of gas are not included. You should allow 2 euros per week.
  • Students will be in charge of cleaning their room and will share cleaning of common spaces (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.)

This type of accommodation is ideal for making new friends quickly. It also offers the most freedom and independence.

You will have to leave a guarantee deposit (see price page) that will be given back when you deposit the keys in the secretary’s office of the school and she verifies that there are no flaws.