Why spanish?

Spanish is an expanding language, every day the number of people in the world who speak it is growing. It is the mother langue of a great part of the human race and the 4th most spoken language in the world after Chinese mandarin, English and Hindi: more than 450 million people in the world speak Spanish. Nowadays it’s an essential language in the professional area and its acquisition is becoming a requisite for entering into the labour market. It is the second most used language in international communication. 

Why learn spanish in Salamanca?

To learn a language well in the shortest time possible the best option is to live in the actual country, taking an active part in the everyday life of the country, getting to know the culture and the way in which it is developing, listening to  the locals, talking, reading its newspapers, watching TV, etc. and certainly speaking and listening to the Spanish language all day.

Spain is without a doubt the home of the Spanish language and Salamanca is famous for being the city where the best Spanish is spoken.