The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos considers accommodation to be one of the most important aspects of its courses for allowing the student to feel totally comfortable. For this reason we offer a large range of choices for our customers.

The number of days, weeks or months needed for a reservation depends on the type of accommodation wanted. There may be an additional cost if reservations are not made before the correct date. The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos will reserve all accommodation from the day before the course commences (Sunday at 3pm) until the day after the course has been completed (Saturday at 12pm).

You should also state, when making your reservation, any preferences or additional information such as: living with smokers, pets, need for special diet (vegetarian, without gluten, for allergies, religious reasons, etc.).


Spanish Families

Living with a Spanish family ensures that the student practices Spanish everyday helping to improve vocabulary and pronunciation as well as learning the different elements of family life in a foreign country.
It is considered one of the best accommodation options because it gives the student the opportunity to get to know Spanish culture, cuisine, customs and way of life.
Every family has been carefully chosen so that we can guarantee cordial treatment, a friendly family atmosphere and good quality food & hygiene in the house.
Our families have great experience in hosting foreign students and they enjoy their company throughout the year.
You will live close to the school, so you will not need to use any means of transport to go to and from your classes each day.
If, in the first 2 days, a student does not feel comfortable with a family for any reason, the Colegio will arrange accommodation with another family free of charge.
There are 4 possible types of accommodation with Spanish families

  1. Individual room with full board. (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  2. Individual room with half board. (breakfast + lunch or dinner)
  3. Double room with full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  4. Double room with half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner)
  5. Students should bring their own towels. Washing and ironing of clothes is not included (see prices page).

If the course you are entering is for a long period of time we offer the possibility of taking mixed accommodation.

This consists of the first month with a family and the rest of your stay in university residence or in a student apartment (minimum of two weeks in both accommodations).

University Residence

The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos has access to some of the best university residence in Salamanca, all situated in the city centre, 1-minute walk from the Plaza Mayor and the Colegio.

They consist of individual or double bedrooms, living room, dining room and all the comforts of modern installations.

  • International atmosphere because there are both Spanish and students of other nationalities living there.
  • Maximum freedom and independence.
  • Limited number of places.
  • Internet connection.
  • Television, video and study areas.
  • Lovely views.
  • Daily cleaning service of bathrooms and communal areas.
  • Students should bring their own towels. Bed clothing is provided for the residents. The washing and ironing of clothes is not included.

There are 4 possibilities for accommodation in University Residence:

  1. Individual room with full board. (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  2. Individual room with half board. (breakfast + lunch or dinner)
  3. Double room with full board. (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  4. Double room with half board. (breakfast + lunch or dinner)

Student Apartments

Students who wish to take this type of accommodation must pay a deposit, which will be reimbursed after the completion of their visit.

  • Situated in the city centre (a maximum of 15 minutes on foot from the college).
  • Students share kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • They comprise double and single rooms, bathrooms, central heating and hot water.
  • Equipped with all the necessary furniture for a comfortable and pleasant stay.
  • All bedrooms are equipped with bed, wardrobe, shelves, desk with chair, etc.
  • The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary utensils such as frying pans, pots, plates, glasses, etc.
  • All flats have TV, washing machines and fridges.

In the lounge there is usually a large table for meals.
Students will have to cook for themselves.
Towels and sheets are not provided, students should bring their own.
The costs of gas are not included. You should allow 2 euros per week.
Students will be in charge of cleaning their room and will share cleaning of common spaces (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.)
This type of accommodation is ideal for making new friends quickly. It also offers the most freedom and independence.

You will have to leave a guarantee deposit (see price page) that will be given back when you deposit the keys in the secretary’s office of the school and she verifies that there are no flaws


Studio Apartments

These are small furnished apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchenette and a small living room.

They are independent (not to share), for one or two people who come together.

Students who want this type of accommodatioxn should apply at least 30 days in advance to enable the school to process the application.

A deposit (see price page) should be sent to the CEH, this will be deducted from the total price of the accommodation; this deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation

The minimum stay for this type of accommodation is a natural month, that is to say, from 1 until 30.