Salamanca is situated to the west of Spain in the region of Castilla León, 200 km from Madrid and 90 km from Portugal. The region also has numerous other interesting towns and places,including Ávila, Cáceres, Segovia and Toledo as well as places of natural beauty such as La Sierra de Francia, La Alberca, which are all only a short distance from the city and are often visited on excursions. The city is famous for being rich in both history and art, as well as for being a cultural centre and for the well-spoken Spanish of the locals. UNESCO, which gave the city the status of a World Heritage Site, has described it as possessing historical monuments, comparable to those of Rome. It is not surprising therefore that the city is also known as “La Picola Roma”. The city also boasts one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, which has a host of marvellous facilities including libraries, theatres, exhibition rooms as well as excellent sporting amenities.

More reasons to study in Salamanca? The city offers a dry and sunny climate, as well as a young and cosmopolitan atmosphere, for its visitors. Few places in Spain can offer such an ideal environment for study, the meeting of new friends, exchanging ideas and perfecting the Spanish language. The social side of student life is also well catered for, with the city having a diverse range of bars, cafeterias and restaurants, as well as some excellent sporting facilities. The city is well known for its rich cuisine and the ritual of “going out for tapas” with friends is something all residents partake of. It is seen as the ideal opportunity to taste both the food and the local hospitality. There is also the internationally known night life, with the city home to more than a hundred bars, pubs and nightclubs where, amongst other things, you can listen to the local “Tuna” musicians.